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Love Gives- Original Painting

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Title: Love Gives


Size- 12” x 24” Original Acrylic on Wood Cradled Panel. Sides Painted Black. 

Collection: Expressions of Love. For centuries, roses have been a beautiful symbol of love. This collection of vibrant rose paintings is inspired by radical expressions of love. This is love that is often spontaneous and instinctive, but has the ability to create great change. This love is bold and expresses itself in unique ways.


What if every single day

You decided to give something away?

Maybe a flower, a dollar or a piece of art?

Do you think that gesture could impact a heart?

What about a compliment or kind word?

Or a smile, a wave, something unheard?

Could these forms of love change life as we know it?

If instead of wanting love for ourselves, we decided to show it?

Maybe the world could become a better place,

Maybe we would see joy and healing on someones face.

Maybe that joy would reflect back on our own heart.

Maybe love isn’t so hard if we just decide to start.

Take the challenge to give something away

Make it a practice for each and every day.

I think you’ll be surprised at what it can do,

Not only for others but also for you.