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A Complicated Love Story - 16” x 20” Original Painting

A Complicated Love Story - 16” x 20” Original Painting

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A Complicated Love Story is an original acrylic painting and a part of my Expressions of Love series. This series features roses, which have been a symbol of love for many centuries in many countries. These paintings all were created with neon colors, bold lines fast brushstrokes! This series was inspired by the idea of love being spontaneous and impulsive. What would love look like if it was radical and furious?  

This painting is 16” x 20” on wood cradled panel. A gloss varnish protects this painting and there is a wire hanger ready for display! Below is a writing I made that went along with the inspiration for this piece. A story of a beautiful adoption that moved my heart.


A complicated story of love

A surrogate mother

A happy couple

A sperm and an egg

A seed inside a willing womb.

A positive result

A few happy dances

A healthy pregnancy

A twist in the plot.

A six month check up

A scan that showed some deformities

A devastated couple

A nervous serrogate mother.

A request for an abortion

A “no”

A serrogate who promises to protect and form a life.

A disgruntled woman

An angry man.

A lawyer

Another lawyer

A battle for a life.

A move to Wisconsin

A beautiful birth

A life that looked different from many others.

A cleft lip

A heart complication

A few rare diseases

A confused and overwhelmed single surrogate mother.

A phone call

A light in the darkness

A soul like no other.

A family who adopt disabled children.

A safe home

A home of love, protection and care.

An adoption.

A different child

A beautiful child

A loved child.

A happy life

A loved life

A life of smiles through a cleft lip

A life with medical complications

A short life.

A life that made a difference

A family that made a difference

A life that had a chance to shine

A story of complicated love.

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