Hi! I’m Lorraine,

(a.k.a. “Rain”) and I love creating bright, bold, beautiful art! I am a painter, illustrator, digital artist, writer, wife and (homeschooling) mom living in Colorful Colorado! I love bright colors, flowers and the beauty of creation! I am inspired by my faith in God, which always reflects in my work.

My passion is to create art that is beautiful, inspirational and adds some joy to the atmosphere of the homes where it dwells. Making art is my “happy place”, and I love sharing that happiness with others!

My Art

I have been an artist for many years, and primarily work with acrylic paint. I love using bright colors, bold lines and working in many layers to achieve depth in my work.

I am inspired by nature and I love to explore themes of faith in my work. I believe that creation reflects the beauty and love of God and my work aims to express this through subject and style!

I love working with clients and creating commissioned paintings, to perfectly fit their home or office! I have been creating custom paintings for about 20 years and there's nothing more satisfying than knowing my art has made someone's space a more beautiful and meaning place to be!

My Writing

Along with a love for painting, I also have loved writing for many years! When my season of motherhood started in 2014, I began writing children's book stories in my journals. Being a mom brought my creative brain to a whole new level!

In 2021 I decided it was time to take what was more of a family tradition of creating stories for my kids, to become a part of my art career. I learned digital illustration, book creating, self publishing and in mid 2021, my first children's book came to life!

I am currently working to bring all these stories to life!