Walking in Wisdom!

Walk in Wisdom I wanted to share with you guys something I really have not shared with many people, at least not publicly yet. Last March I kind of crashed into a wall of confusion. I felt unclear about some areas of direction for myself, my art and things concerning my family. I had some goals but didn’t know how to accomplish them. Also, because I was unclear in some areas, I didn’t even know which goals I should go for, and which ones were not even meant to pursue. I spent some time in prayer, and what I got was not what I was expecting. I got a worksheet… yes you read that right! It looked like this…

The idea was to read a proverb every day (for wisdom), and write down any goals (Or things I was believing God for) every single day. Even if the goals were having clarity about something, or accomplishing something seemingly small. Also there is a place for prayer, declarations and a daily to-do list. I started filling out this worksheet every day and the results I got were amazing! I decided to also create it as a journal so I could keep it all together.

The wisdom of God has been transformational in bringing clarity, understanding and helping me to accomplish my goals and receive those things I have been believing for! There is something about putting your goals in front of you every single day and meditating on God’s wisdom every single day that brings about a recipe for success. Now, the goals I started with may seem insignificant to some, but for me to see these goals accomplished, and prayers answered has given me strength and momentum.

7/10 things I wrote down have been accomplished… 2 others are part-way accomplished. One thing I had on there for 8 months just finally came to pass. God has given me wisdom to know how to believe Him and act to accomplish these things!

My Walking in Wisdom Journal is only available right now on Amazon! If you are looking for something to help you grow in wisdom, accomplish your goals, and have a great daily discipline, this guided journal is for you!


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