My Soul Finds Rest in God Alone

My Soul Finds Rest in God Alone

After a huge heartbreak back in 2008, I decided to do something pretty radical.  For me, this radical thing was to move myself from Massachusetts to Missouri for three months to immerse myself in prayer as an intern at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City. It was a big deal for me,  to quit my job, pack my car and live off of my savings in a whole new city, knowing no one. During that season of life, I just knew in order to be okay, to receive healing and vision, I simply needed God, and nothing else. IHOP was all I knew at the time and looking back I know I made the right decision. 

Sometimes to be okay, we need to immerse. I remember in that season the verse I just kept meditating on was found in Psalm 62:1. 

”My soul finds rest in God alone, my salvation comes from Him.”

Once that verse became a part of me, through meditating on it night and day, I knew I would be okay. I knew that no matter what, if I relied on that truth, I could walk through the storms of life and not only survive, but thrive! When Jesus is our peace, when our soul finds it’s rest in Him, and His promises, we do not need to be shaken. We know that we are building our lives on the Rock, and we will withstand the storms. And after many storms, I can attest to this as true.

I will forever love that verse. As I was creating my new mountain-inspired prints, I knew at least one of them needed this truth on there! Since my mountain paintings were originally inspired by Psalm 121- knowing that God is our help, our answer to every problem, the beautiful truth in Psalm 62 seemed to fit perfectly with this theme. 

Meditating on the Word, looking at it with our eyes, speaking it with our mouths, and hearing it with our ears, helps it to get into our hearts. What a wonderful way to do that while also looking at a colorful mountain every day in your home!




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