Home Refresh with Rose Paintings!

I have been painting for about 20 years, and my favorite subject has always been the rose.
There’s something about painting roses; the meaning, the layers, the ability to experiment with style, the colors- just all of it leaves me happy and artistically satisfied!

I personally also LOVE having roses in my home, whether it’s a fresh bouquet of roses I pick up at Trader Joe’s, a piece of art, some throw pillows, etc. Roses are both very traditional yet also modern way to decorate!  

Back in 2020 I did a show of all roses in a small gallery in downtown Colorado Springs. I called it “Expressions of Love”, since the universal meaning of the flower symbolizes love.  Many of these paintings are still available and are now a part of my online collection!

If you need to refresh your home, a rose painting is always a beautiful way, I hope you enjoy the collection below!
I also take rose commissions, contact me if you would like a special rose painting!
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